New Earth - Resiliency Training Module (Rituals)

New Earth is finding the extraordinary within the ordinary
New Earth is good for figuring out life
New Earth: Art is something humans do on purpose
New Earth: objects, tools and games serve a pedagogical function helping us to be conscious
New Earth: Thought itself is a form of energy, thought influences energy and energy influences thought
New Earth: is learning from history in order to move forward into the future

(NEPSK) New Earth Resiliency Training Module is a combination of life skills and spiritual skills. It teaches an ethos of self-reliance and of living closer to the earth with an animus world view. Drawing upon our surrounding resources, it treats the city as a catalyst for building relations with various neighborhoods and communities. This earth based education syllabus strengthens the resiliency of the neighborhood by activating young people and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and a sense of self. Studying folk craft and tracing the genesis of ideas, objects and beliefs in an effort to re-wilding ourselves. One of the key component is “Rite of Passage” - the ceremonially recognized passing of an individual from one state to another. Whether transitioning from childhood through puberty to adolescence, from young adulthood to middle age, from late middle age to elderhood, and from elderhood to death or any kind of life change or transition to be marked.  In so doing the individual’s societal role is changed and transformed. This change is often reflected in a shift in their title. They step into a new role with new privileges and responsibilities recognized and celebrated by their community. The lack of this type of recognition by elders often forces urban youth to initiate themselves into joining gangs, with negative consequences.

If the fires that innately burn inside youths are not intentionally and lovingly added to the hearth of community,
they will burn down the structures of culture, just to feel the warmth.
(Meade, 1993)

In Western culture we commonly refer to the ability to vote or get a driver’s license as rites of passage. While these may invoke the spirit of a rite of passage they lack the enduring transformational impact of a fully integrated experience. Most commonly (but not necessarily), rites of passage are rooted in the natural world, to firmly ground the initiate in a deep sense of PLACE, and to connect their sense of self to a much larger context. Creating a pancultural ritual is crucial because modern society is a melting pot of races and linage.  

Our Ancestor have been around for about 6 million years. Modern human only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization is about 6,000 years old. Industrialization started in 1800 and this is where it goes down hill. We just need to step back 200 years.


New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards

New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards. 56 printed and 4 blank cards. 2.75" x 4.75" $35 shipping included


The Four Archetype of Male

Appetites for life, sensual, recognized no boundaries, all life is art.
WARRIOR   Aware of his imminent death, each deed is done as if we're the last, control the mind and the body will follow, concerned with skill, power and accuracy, loyal to a cause, ascetic.
MAGICIAN   Guide others, acquired knowledge with special training, seeing into the depth, thoughtful, reflection, introversion.
KING   Primal, father energy, regenerative, conduit to the divine, order, reasonable, rational, know it's own worth.


The Four Archetype of Female


The Four Chinese Symbols. The four symbol 四象:East: Azure dragon 青龍 South: Vermillion bird 朱雀 West: White tiger 白虎 North: Black turtle 玄武

Meditation on the World Card (LE•MONDE)

Meditate upon The World card and rate the below from 1 to 10:
• My personal existence is very purposeful and meaningful.
• I believe that no matter where I am or what I'm doing, I am never separate from others.
• I feel a real sense of kinship with all living things.
• My sense of inner peace is one of the most important things to me.
• I take the time each day to be peaceful and quiet, to empty my mind of everyday thoughts.
• I believe that intuition comes from a higher part of myself and I never ignore it.
• I feel a sense of responsibility and belonging to the universe.
• My sense of identity is based on something that unites me with all other people.
• I am aware of a connection between myself and all living things.
• I see myself as being extended into everything else.


Silence Meditation Walk with Thupten Phuntsok and The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
Saturday, October 17, 2015, 11am (Open House New York)
Location: Freshkills Park

Join us on this meditative nature walk through Freshkills Park North Park with Venerable Thupten Phuntsok and artist Tattfoo Tan. Meditation is the practice of calming one's mind and focusing on one point. In a walking meditation, the walk is the focus. This walk suggests closer connections with our land within a greater urban environment. Venerable Phuntsok has taught meditation and other subjects and led retreats at a number of locations over the past 12 years.

Water Bowl Meditation Walk with Thupten Phuntsok and The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
Saturday, November 12, 2016, 11am
Location: Freshkills Park



Pohopoco Weekend Challenge



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Rituals - Shields


Rituals - Kintsugi

Rituals - Macrame

Rituals - Spirit Animals Carving on Coconut


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