New Earth - Resiliency Training Module (Spiritual)


The Four Archetype of Male: East: LOVER-appetites for life, sensual, recognized no boundaries, all life is art. South: WARRIOR-aware of his imminent death, each deed is done as if we're the last, control the mind and the body will follow, concerned with skill, power and accuracy, loyal to a cause, ascetic. West: MAGICIAN-guide others, acquired knowledge with special training, seeing into the depth, thoughtful, reflection, introversion. North: KING-primal, father energy, regenerative, conduit to the divine, order, reasonable, rational, know it's own worth.
The Four Archetype of Female: Structural forms of the Feminine Psyche according to Toni Wolff. From the East: Heteira, South: Amazon, West: Medial, North: Mother

The Four Chinese Symbols. The four symbol 四象:East: Azure dragon 青龍 South: Vermillion bird 朱雀 West: White tiger 白虎 North: Black turtle 玄武


Rituals - Job's Tears Mala Beads


Rituals - Shields


Rituals - Kintsugi

Rituals - Macrame

Rituals - Spirit Animals Carving on Coconut