Open Secret


A part of Living Room, a project of Flux Factory in collaboration with Open House New York, curated by Chen Tamir. Weekend of October 4 and 5, 2008.

This is an open call to collaborate in my art project Open Secret. All you need is guts, all you gain is an original artwork of Tattfoo. You have nothing to lose. Hmm, maybe your reputation. I dare you to call or email me to sign up.

A home owner is given invisible and glow-in-the-dark paints to write a dark secret on a wall of his or her house. It could be a history of sexual partners, a dirty secret of friends and family, a password, a username or a five year plan. This is a time to let it all out, a good therapeutic way to let go of all that accumulated stress.

With all this personal infomation out on the wall, the disclosure is nonetheless both public and and private. It will only be visible when the participant shines a special flashlight enhanced with black light on the wall. The participant is exposed but still holds the right to reveal the secret only to the people that he or she chooses. Which part of the work will be exposed is also in his or her hands, literally.

This artwork can be applied to any wall without the need to repaint and will not harm an existing paint job. The artist
will be available to work with the participants in placement and composition of the information that will be painted.

I look forward in hearing from you. Our collaboration starts right away, don’t hesitate. call me now to participate.



25 years old, female, graphic designer, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

37 years old, female, technologist, St. George, Staten Island


26 years old, female, architect, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


46 years old, male, photographer, New York, New York


26 years old, female, client relationship manager, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn


54 years old, male, curator, New York,New York


30 years old, male, student, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York


47 years old, female, account executive and photographer, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York


44 years old, female, art collector, New York, New York


34 years old, female, mother, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York