Ethnography of Flushing


This project is design for Presidential Scholars Program, FIT's Honors Program students as part of their orientation program. The initiative to move outside of campus and go to other communities in need was a padagogical priority. It meant taking students out of their usual environment and into a contect they did not understand, so that they would let go of some of the predispositions they had. In a new context, a new frame of mind created by their distance from their comfort zone of what was predictable. They could step outside of themselves and significantly reexamine their priorities and goals as a citizen, a student, a young adult and a new New Yorker. The final summary will be gathered in a special group on the social network website, Facebook.

New York Times: Sunday Rountine of Padma Lakshimi that include a pray and brunch at Ganesh Temple in Flushing

New York Times: FInding Beijing in Flushing, an article about the food scene in Flushing

New York Times: An interactive map of food trails in Flushing