Nature Matching System Color Codes & Legend


I'm proud to share with you these color codes and manual on how to paint your own NMS mural. Please credit my name Tattfoo Tan and Title of the work Nature Matching System. Please sent me documentation images of the work you and your team made.

This is a franchise. If you decided to change another color that is not in the below palette or different size ie: rectangle or round, the project will no longer be a Nature Matching System artwork. If you follow every point below, the artwork will be titled Nature Matching System by Tattfoo Tan, painted by (your team). This is a franchise and all new iteration should be produce with care and attention to details so that they are consistant.

Q: Is it okay if we use a different title for our project and include the title in the subtitle?
A: No. It is a franchise system, all project should be produce as stated and consistent to the rest that had been made.

Q: Is it okay to use the tag line "remember to get your daily dose of color." ?
A: No. If you are painting the mural there will be no tagline on the artwork. Artwork with tagline only can be only be generated digitally by the artist on commission.

" The idea becomes a machine
that makes the art."

- Sol LeWitt