Eat Draw Play


Eat Draw Play is an investigation using photo collages of food packaging in relation to our eating disorder. A Study and investigation into our eating habits. collection of food wrapper, boxes, packaging of every kind, junk food, snack, are collected and photographed and digitally collages. It become a visual map of what had the participant consumed. It served as a realization of one’s diet and eating habits. These fancy and attention grabbing packaging not only informed buyer what is the content of the product, but also lure the buyer to purchase it. Some of these food item might not be real food but highly processed snacks. Dieting might not working but self realization will lead to self control.

The collaboration between the artist and the students at St. Thomas Aquinas College results into a visual investigation on food of the college students. A disposable camera are given to students to documents the food that they eat for the duration of a week. Based on the photograph they are ask to draw a pie chart of their diet. The drawing are then transfer to a ceramic plate that will be display on the wall. The photographs will also be arrange like a mosaic pattern and printed as a table cloth. During break time, the students are ask to bring back a part of their lunch or snack to be embeded in resin.

Eat Draw Play relates to childhood obesity that is a public health problem of epidemic proportions — America's children are eating more junk food, exercising less and getting heavier. "If we don't turn this epidemic around and halt the rise in childhood obesity, we're going to have the first generation of kids who actually are sicker and die younger than their parents," says Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. A third of America's 74 million children are considered dangerously overweight or obese. This project was conceptualize with the collaboration of a group of children in mind.