Art Swap


Dear fellow artist,

What you have in your hand now is a roll of undeveloped film that was shot by me and randomly selected for you. If you choose to complete this mission and develop the film, you will be my accomplice. We will now share the artwork. Do scan the photograph and email me at info[at]tattfoo[dot]com.

Tattfoo, August 1, 2009




Photopurri is a series of random lifestyle shot by the artist captured on undeveloped black and white film. 32 rolls of film is sent to 32 different artists that is in the This and That - International mail art swap, in random order. Instead of only swapping one work with one work. I decided to let each artist have a piece of my work and my life. The faith of each roll is uncertain, I only make part of the work and rest will depends on the recipient to keep the roll or decided to develop it and realizing the hidden image. If that is the case, now the recipient had the power to reproduce the film and make multiple prints as he or she wish. The transfer of the autonomy of the artist is completed at this stage. Now we are both author of the artwork.

In returned, I received 1962: The Social House (personal private public), 2009 by Verity-Jane Keefe. Pictured below.

This & That is an international mail art swap among 32 artists, duos and collectives, based largely in the UK and US. Initiated by Christine Wong Yap in July 2009, This & That is a grassroots exchange by artists for artists.The work submitted to This & That will be exhibited in “Socially, Involved,” an exhibition at curated by Michelle Blade, at Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA from August 7–September 6, 2009.

UK/EURO Artists
Simon Blackmore (MCR), Simon & Tom Bloor (Birmingham/London), Mike Chavez-Dawson (MCR), Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson (MCR), Mary Griffiths (MCR), Antony Hall (MCR), Verity-Jane Keefe (London), Yuen Fong Ling (MCR), David Moises (Austria), Laurence Payot (Liverpool), Pest (Rebecca Chesney, Robina Llewellyn & Elaine Speight) (Preston, Lancs), David Sherry (Glasgow), Daniel Staincliffe (MCR), Jenifer K. Wofford (Oakland/Prague)

ASIA Artists
Poklong Anading (Manila), Ivy Ma (Hong Kong), MM Yu (Manila)

US Artists
Chris Bell (AUS/San Francisco), Jon Brumit (Detroit), Michelle Carollo (NYC), Susan Chen (San Francisco), Joshua Churchill (San Francisco), N. Sean Glover (Pittsburg, PA), Taro Hattori (Oakland, CA), Eric Hongisto (San Francisco), Sarah Kabot (Ohio), Scot Kaplan (Ohio), Ali Naschke-Messing (San Francisco), Scott Oliver (Oakland, CA), Susan O’Malley (San Francisco), Anthony Ryan (San Francisco), Tattfoo Tan (NYC)