Value Pack


Tattfoo's Value Packprogramming is a four days event that explores a different idea each day.

June 6, 2009, Saturday 12noon - 6pm
Pet Soft Toy
Bring your dog, bring their toy. I’ll mend those broken soft toys for you while you wait. Take some used toy back or do an exchange. (Bryant is willing to share his toy and will be there to greet you.)

Thank you Daniel Thiel and Tevah Platt for bringing Furgus over to meet Bryant and gave us the opportunity to mend "monkey".
Furgus! Hope you like the new improved "monkey".


June 7, 2009, Sunday 12noon - 6pm
Blanket Swap
Come for this amazing swap session, where everything on the blanket is free to take. So, clean up your garage and attic, bring some of your hidden treasure to Daddy Doug’s Pizza to give your stuff away or swap some stuff back. Everything must go. So be generous and pay in forward.

Thank you Debbie Davis, Steve Foust, Lisa Dahl and all contributors to the Blanket Swap. Thank you for your generosity. You had made a few more people life brighter today and the stuff are now being used and repurpose again.



June 13, 2009, Saturday 12noon - 6pm
Artist advise and brainstorming session
If you have a question about how to be a working artist or how to pitch a project to a gallery or a museum? How to write a proposal or grant? Come by and talk to me. I’m listening.


June 14, 2009, Sunday 12noon - 6pm
Adopt an artist. Be a patron.
You can make a difference. You can champion the artist’s cause and vision. You can contribute to the fabric of culture and art in our society. As an artist that work with the public realm, all my artwork is for the public to experience and I’m not represented by any commercial gallery and have no source of sustainable income through my art practice, below are some guidelines for you in your desire to assist me in my work.

$10 show me some love and support
$25 is a pat on the back and two thumbs up for
the artist
$50 can make an artist realize what he does matters and will boost his morale
$100 will qualify you as a bona fide patron of the arts. Congratulations!

Be inspired, be generous, be a patron.

Come with a check or some loose change.