New Earth - Resiliency Oracle Cards

New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards

Oracle cards

New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards. 56 printed and 4 blank cards. 2.75" x 4.75"

New Earth Resiliency Oracle Cards are part of an art project by artist Tattfoo Tan. Oracle cards are a modern version of tarot cards and used as a divination and healing tool. NEROC trying to look inward in order to be centered, to be heal, to know yourself, to discover both the positive and the pains. It consists of 14 sets of 4 cards: stages of human growth, elements, seasons, temperament dispositions, celestial bodies, nature, weather phenomena, cardinal virtues, monomyth, the suits, male archetypes, female archetypes, tools and natural disaster.

Allow intuition to guide you. Your connection, intuition and interpretation will shape the reading.
What is the state of my mind?
What shall I call into focus today?
What do I need to know right now?

1. Shuffle cards thoroughly while
pondering your question.
2. Read each card from left to right.
3. Read all cards together as a scene.

Self-Diagnosis Spread

1. Shuffle cards thoroughly while
pondering about your question.
2. Read from East→South→West→North
3. East: your intellectual mind
South: your sexual & creative mind
West: your emotional mind
North: your material wealth

Call in the Seven Directions. It is good to start any ritual with an opening invocation.

Blessings of the Seven Directions

Blessings of the Seven Directions

We welcome the Spirits of the East 東, the element of AIR, the season of SPRING. The direction of new beginnings, the rise of the morning sun and the direction of the LOVERS. Surround us with love for ourselves, our lovers, our children, and all living things.  

We welcome the Spirits of the South 南, the element of FIRE,  the season of SUMMER. The direction of noontime. Grant us the spirit of the WARRIOR; warm and refresh us with courage, strength, and energy for the work that awaits us.

We welcome the Spirits of the West 西, the element of WATER, the season of AUTUMN. The direction of evening. Grant us the spirit of the MEDIAL and the MAGICIAN; be with us as the sun sets and bless us with transformation and a rich harvest. Flow through us with a cooling, healing quietness and bring us peace.

We welcome the Spirits of the North 北, the element of EARTH, the season of WINTER. The direction night time. Grant us the sovereign of the KING and QUEEN, joined in creation, wisdom, and passion. Be with us in the darkness, in the time of gestation.

Ground us in the wisdom of the changing seasons as we celebrate the spiraling journeys of our lives.

We welcome the Spirits and energies of Below 地, the direction of the Mother Earth, the mother of all Beings, the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy; May our hearts be home to you, May we feel your presence guiding us – May the strength and balance of your grace-filles our bodies when we need them, and may we walk in your Way with trust and gladness.

Welcome the Spirits and energies of Above 天, the direction of the Father Sky; Father, watch over us, hear us and make us strong. Keep us safe from harm. Bless us with the spirits of creation, courage and exploration.  

We welcome the Spirits and energies of Within 內, the divine within us. We honor the connection within us and between all things. The connection of our hearts as one within.  

Welcome the Spirits of our grandfathers and grandmothers, our Ancestors 祖先, those who have gone before us, and on whose shoulders we stand.

Welcome the spirits of the Children 下一代 yet to come, who will stand upon our shoulders.

Invite into this circle the Spirit and energy of those who guide, protect, and bless us to be fully who we are.


Male Archetypes

Positive attributes: Primal · Father energy · Regenerative · Conduit to the divine · Order · Reasonable · Rational · Know it's own worth · Steward of nature and human society · Posseses the quality of order, of reasonable, Rational patterning, of integration and integrity · Power and control

Negative attributes: Exploits and abuses other · Pursing his self interest · Hates all beauty · Innocense · Strength · Talent · Life energy · Hidden in his own weakness

Positive attributes: Appetites for life (vividness, aliveness and passion) · Sensually aware to the physical world and all it's splendor · Recognized no boundaries · All life is art · Touch everything physically and emotionally

Negative attributes: Lost in senses · Addictive personality · Always seek the next adventure · Depressed · Playboy · Mama boy · Adultry

Positive attributes: Task to initiate and guide others · Acquired knowledge with special training · Seeing into the depth and deflate arrogance · Thoughtfulness and reflection and introversion · Archetype of awareness and insight · Observing ego

Negative attributes: Manipulator · Think too much on his decision and lost in a labyrinth of reflective mandering · Cannot extricate himself.

Positive attributes: Aware of his imminent death · he don't think too much, he act · each deed is done as if we're the last, control the mind and the body will follow (positive mental attitude) · concerned with skill, power and accuracy · loyal to a cause · ascetic(self discipline) to hone himself into an efficient spiritual machine

Negative attributes: Emotinonal distant · Destructive · Avenging spirit · Attacking everything and everyone · workaholic pattern

Source: King Warrior Magician Lover


" Magician do not try to force social change, because they recognize that people need to take their journeys in order to be able to live
in a humane and peaceful world.
(in their own time)"





Female Archetypes

QUEEN: Whose primary ego is the well being of her children. Self nurture is an important part of the personal development of the mother type.

HETEIRA: Whose ego priorities lie first and formost in the subtle dynamic qualities of their relational lives with their men.

AMAZON: Whose primary ego lies in the impersonal realm of collective consciousness and her natural ambition for public achievement.

Exercise (1) Try Prithvi Mudra to decrease the fire element and increase the earth element of the body


MEDIAL: Whose primary focus is the preocccupation with pheomena related to the collective unconsciousness. They are governed by a set of natural law that remain mysterious, even to themselves. They are sometimes gifted with a prophatic imagination. She stand in between the bridge of two worlds.


Source: Four Eternal Women, Toni Wolff Revisited – A Study in Opposites

Source: Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche




SUN: Positivity · Nourishing · Father figure · Healing energy · Putting yourself in the spot light · Exposure

Exercise (1) Sun print with cynotype (2) Sun salutation yoga pose (Surya Namaskar) (3) Build a sundial


MOON: Feminine · Emotions · Hidden desires or fears · sleep/dream · Circadian rhythm · Rest · Seeding time · Shadow side

Exercise (1) Use a lunar calendar

New Moon - new beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, positive changes, best time to set intentions
Waxing Moon - growth, learning, creativity, healing, transformation
Full Moon - wishes come true, spell work, cleansing crystals, protection, harvest
Waning Moon - Letting go, cleansing, release, opening up

moon phase

Find out your Moon Phase on your birthday. Enter your birthday below:

STAR: Direction · Get your bearing back · Heavenly body · Good luck · Turning point in a person's life · Hope and aspiration · Clear answer · Certainty something will come · TIme of magic and alchemy
Exercise (1) Learn Astrologyastrology

COSMOS: Vastness · Universe · The divine · Clearity · Enlightment · Realization

Exercise (1) Draw and paint a Mandala and read your partner's psychic using the painting made. Pay attention to the colored used and relate it to the chakra.







WATER: Flow · Transformative · Cleansing · Purifying · Potential of life · Sacred · Dissolved blackage or pain


EARTH: Grounded · Growth · Gaia · Feminine

Exercise (1) Walk bare foot (2) Gardening (3) Honor the earth with sacred herbs (4) Grounding exercise

It is essential to first understand that energy follow intentions.
To began by standing with your feet slightly apart and your palm open and facing down to the ground. Quietly says I'm connecting to mother earth.

Bring palm up to the sky and quietly says I'm connecting to the cosmos.

Brings your hand to your heart and bring these two energies together in your heart center. As you prepare to received the grounding energy of the  earth and the cosmos.

At these time you may choose standing or sit on the ground.

Making sure your spine is straight. As this practice, energy will be traveling verticality.

Start by slowing and deepening your breath. Begin by taking a deep breath in and out through your mouth for 3 breath cycles. In through your nose and out through your mouth.

Close your eyes and begin to image you are a tree in a beautiful forest deep in the mountain. A forest of cedar trees or pine trees. In the present of  these sentient being who bridge the earth and the sky. Look toward the ground and feels your connection to the rich soil, to the grass, to the moss and the water.

Imagine from the waist down a beautiful root system, of long roots extending to the earth. And above your waist, imagine your branches reaching far into the sky towards the sun, the moon and the star. Come back to your center and explore your roots system. Imagine your root growing slowly deep into the earth. weaving throughout the soil, throughout the wonderful being of the earth, the worms, the minerals and the stones the the live beneath the earth surface.

Continue moving your root beneath the earth and begin feeling the subtle energy that supporting you, as you go down and down, until you had gone as far as you can go. Until you reach as you perceive to be the earth core, take a deep breath in and out. Allow yourself to be here at this moment and feeling this depth and grounding.

Slowly begin absorbing this subtle energy of mother earth and bring it up through each root. You may perceived this energy as a color, as a light, or you may feels the energy at your body. Welcome this energy through your roots, traveling up and up and weaving in and out of each root. and arriving at your body where your root system begins. bring the energy up through your trunk until it reach your branches and leaves. Notice any flower blossom growing or perhaps birds or insert who sings to you or dance on your bark.

Sense the energy of the sun above you and pull this cosmical energy like the filament of lights into the branches. Know you are supported in this web of life. Allowing this healing energy filling every space of your being. Slowly move your awareness to the center, take a deep breath breath and gently open your eyes. Feels the energy and vitality running through your body, radiating out from you into the world. Give gratitude for your life and the support of the natural world around you.



FIRE: Warm · Passion · Cleanses · Transformation · Let go · Illuminate · Martyrdom

Exercise (1) Light a candle or fire place or bonefire (2) Invite the spirit of fire into your life (3) Get in touch with your inner fire (4) Burn a wand or talisman

AIR: Ideas · Ungrounded · Lofty
Exercise (1) Do breath work like Tai Chi (2) Burn incense

Burn Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) For Decluttering
When burning cedar, the air gets smoked and helps release any negative energy or bad vibes there are. One example could be when getting rid of old clothing or things associated with bad memories. Try burning some cedar as it can represent clearing the space of any lingering energy associated with the objects that once occupied that space. Even when getting new things or antiques, you could burn cedar and wave it near the objects to remove the looming vibes of the previous owner.

Burn Resins For Purification
Some of these resins can be frankincense and myrrh, which are used in various ancient cultures as natural purifiers. The resin is hard to burn, so light the tip of some charcoal with a match or lighter, and put it on a nonflammable surface like sand or a ceramic or clay bowl, tile, or plate. Once the charcoal gets a little flame going, put some resin on top of it but do be VERY careful when doing so and not burn yourself. The smog from the frankincense is believed to carry the wishes of those in this world to the spiritual realm, helps quieten the mind for meditation and it also has an antibacterial effect. Burning myrrh on the other hand, helps the mind focus, balances the energy centers in the body and has some medicinal effects too.

Burn Palo Santo For Prosperity
This sacred wood comes from the Palo Santo tree found in abundance on the South American coast lines. Native shamans used it ritualistically to spread love and prosperity by eliminating negative energy in the air. This wood burns quite slowly and gives out a forest or woody aroma which motivates positive feelings and attracts good energy.

Burn Tibetan Monastery Incense For Clarity
This incense is made with about 38 Himalayan herbs and infusions, believed to have an in-depth purification effect in the area it is burnt in, which creates a sense of calmness and serenity like the energy in a meditation hall.

Burn Sandalwood For Grounding
This strong but earthy aromatic wood, can be of acquired taste, but does wonders in instantly centering the good energies of a room and grounding a troubled mind with its mystical scent.

Burn Juniper For Ease And Comfort
If you’re not feeling at ease and need something to help relax your shoulders, unwind, and feel comfortable, burn some juniper in that space to help promote a general sense of personal space, solace, and energy.

Burn Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum) For Loving Aura
Burnt to appease broken hearts, in traditional ancient cultures, Yerba Santa can be burnt in a room where people spend the most time and help dispel any hate, awkwardness or bad blood caused by relationship troubles and motivate more care and love within a person and between people.

Burn Rosemary For New Beginnings
A common ingredient in traditional casseroles, turkey and more, burning rosemary is usually done when making a fresh start in life or trying to begin something new. This can be for being more creative, forming a new habit or breaking an old one, going on a journey be it new or old, which bolsters a person with a sense of confidence and assurance to go for it; thanks to its powerful fragrance.

Burn Mugwort For Dreams
Sounding like something that came out of a Harry Potter book, Mugwort’s effects are just as magical, especially when burning it in your bedroom before going to sleep, as it is said to induce and provoke fantastical and adventurous dreams, even lucid ones.




RAINS: Sad · Nourishing · Cleanse · Cool down · Found emotions · Dissolving emotions through peaceful ways · Healing the heart little by little
Exercise (1) Listen to the sound of water


FOG: Not sure · Uncertain · Unsure · Thin veil · Secret · Dreams · Between warm and cold · Process of healing · Don't do anything yet · Introspection · Letting answers arrive after the fog · Avoid rushing the process, clarity will arrive organically


RAINBOW: Hope · In awe · Spectacles · Reward after trail · Fleeting · Reconciliation · Joy · Enlightment · Strength filled with love · Victory· Hope that embraces


SNOW: Hybernation · Consolidation · Invoke your inner child
Exercise(1) Embed leaves in a shallow bucket of water to make an ice sheet (2) Learn to see & spot animal tracks on snow (3) Make snow angle



Bad Weather

DROUGHT: Lost(need ideas, direction, excitement, inspiration) · dorment · scarcity
Exercise (1) Craquelure ( a network of fine cracks on the surface of a painting, caused chiefly by shrinkage of paint or varnish)


TORNADO: Anxiety · That gut twisting feeling
Exercise (1) Practice "Mahashirsha Mudu" mudra for over active mind relief (2) Child pose "Bālāsana", relaxing the third eye on the ground, calming and restorative yoga pose



Sahasrara: enlightenment, cosmic conscious (live in the present moment)

Ajna: intuition, psychic (seek only the truth)

Vishuddha: Creation, communication (consequence of spiritual karma)

Anahata: love, compassion (love is divine power)

Manipura: vitality, power (Honor oneself)

Svadhishthana: intimacy, emotion, sexuality (honor one another)

Muladhara: security (all is one)


STORM: Fear · Upheavel · Falling into a hole

Exercise (1) Try "Abhya" mudra, the gesture of despelling fear.


THUNDER: Panic · Jolt

Exercise (1) Try flower essense like Agrimony and Cherry Plum






TREE: Growth · String · Breakthrough · Breakthrough · Bridging heaven and earth · What above so is below · Nature's lungs · Shelter and home for animals · Network · Stable · Magestic

Exercise (1) Plant a tree (2) Touch the trunk of a tree and sense it's energy (3) Take photos of tree barksand look for patterns (4) Wishing Trees (5) Family Tree (6) Tree stump engravings (7) Yggdrasil pronunciation (8) The World Tree


"Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness."

- kahlil gibran




RIVER: Follow the path/flow · Twist and turn · Muliple opportunities · One source · Channeling · Pipeline · Healing the mind · Being honest · Fluidity


OCEAN: Lost · Voyage · Travel · Another realm · Vastness · Let go of chains that bind
Exercise (1) Connext withe spirit of ocean by going to the beach or even standing at the pier.


MOUNTAIN: Ambition · Hardship · Challenge · Looking for peace · Seeking knowledge and visions · You are protected no matter what · Strength will arrive · Look for a landmark or anchor point
Exercise (1) Go for a hike at the nearest trails (2) Go to the highest point of your city or town.






SPRING: New start · New growth · New project · Breakthrough · Conception · Initiation · Inspiration

SUMMER: Fertility · Heat

FALL: Harvest · Offering · Seeds saving · Introspection

WINTER: Personal renewal · Honoring family, friends and ancestors · Death and rebirth · sadness that cleans · Letting go


Imbolc (Feb 1)
-Also known as candles man and ground hog's day
-Marks the middle of winter and hold the promise of spring.
-Goddess: Maiden and Brigid
-Color: White and red
-Festival of purification and dedication

Spring Equinox (March 19-22)
-also known as Ostara
-day and night are equal length
-Goddess Ostara or Eostre with her basket of eggs, acorn, rabbit or hare, a manifestation of the God
-Color: Green
-Other similar festival: Christian: Easter, Hindu: Holi. Jewish: Purim, Sikh: Hola Mohalla)

Baltane (May 1)
-also known as May Day and Walpurgis Night
-Celebrate the height of Spring & flowering of life
-Goddess: May Queen & flora; God: May King & Jack in the green
-Maypole dance: pole signify God & the ribbons emcompass it the goddess
-Color: rainbow color or spectrum
-Festival of flower, fertility, sensuality and delight the goddess.

Summer Solstice (June 19-23)
-also known as Midsummer, Litha, St. John's Day
-celebrate the longest day of the year and beginning of summer
-Goddess: Mother Earth and Sun King
-Color: Yellow, green, blue

Lammas (August 1)
-also known as Lughnassad
-Mark the mid of summer, the beginnning of harvest
-Goddess: Demeter, Ceres, Cornmother God:Lugh, John Barleycorn
-Color: golden yellow, orange, green, light brown

Fall Equinox (September 21-24)
-also known as Mabon
-Mark the beginning of Autumn
-Goddess: Bountiful Mother God:Cornking and Harvest Lord
-Color:orange, dark red, yellow, indigo, brown

Sanhain (November 1)
-Festival of the dead
-Celebration of the end of harvest and start the coldest half of the year
-Other festival include: Dia de los Muertos, Holloween
-Reflect nature rhythm, coincides with the end of the growing season
-Exercise: nature walk, set up ancestor alter with mementos of deceased family members and thanks them.

Winter Solstice (December 20-23)
-Also known as Yule, Christmas, Saturnalia
-Celebrate the birth of a new solar year and beginning of winter
-Goddess: great mother and god as the sun child
-Color: red, green, white



CUP ♡: Loving · Emotional energy · Feelings · Friendship · Forgiveness · Generosity · Adoration · Relationship · Marriage · The opening of the heart · Abundant internal peace · Joy · Faith · Connect with water element

Exercise (1) Memory jug: The Bakongo culture believed that the spirit world was turned upside down, and that they were connected to it by water. Therefore, they decorated their graves with water bearing items such as shells, pitchers, jugs or vases, which would help the deceased through the watery world to the afterlife.Item were placed upside-down, whichsymbolizes the inverted nature of the spirit world. Items were also broken to release the loved one's spirit and enable it to make the journey. The fragmented possessions, reconformed in the memory jug, paid homage to and simultaneously appeased the spiritual beings, encouraging them not to interfere with the lives of the living. It can be any type of vessel or container that has first been covered with a layer of adhesive, such as putty, cement or plaster. Then, while that adhesive is still damp, a variety of objects are embedded into the surface, including beads, buttons, coins, glass, hardware, mirrors,pipes, scissors, seashells, tools, toys and watches. (2) Puzzle jug: is a form of a jug, popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Puzzle jugs of varying quality were popular in homes and taverns. An inscription typically challenges the drinker to consume the contents without spilling them, which, because the neck of the jug is perforated, is impossible to do conventionally.The solution to the puzzle is that the jug has a hidden tube, one end of which is the spout. The tube usually runs around the rim and then down the handle, with its other opening inside the jug and near the bottom. To solve the puzzle, the drinker must suck from the spout end of the tube. To make the puzzle more interesting, it was common to provide a number of additional holes along the tube, which must be closed off before the contents could be sucked. Some jugs even have a hidden hole to make the challenge still more confounding.


COIN ♢: The body · Health · Physical appearance · Territory · Needs (clothing, food, shelter) · Prosperity · Connect with earth element · Exchange · Value
Exercise (1) Money Tree (2) Discover the meaning of various engraving patterns and icons on currencies.


WAND ♧: Reproductive instinct · Fertility · Desire · Creative Energy · Imagination · Connect with fire element · Healing force · Overcome obstacles through creativity


SWORD ♤: Language · Words · Concepts and Ideas · Cut loose · Danger · Sharp words · Seperation · Breakthrough · Connect with air element




SPADE: Hardwork · Cultivate · Dig deeper · Discover · Unearthed · Planting

HAMMER: Forge · To force · Hard headed · Not learning well

BROOM: Clear away
Exercise (1) Annual cleaning day (2) Zen garden meditation

ROPE: Bind · Problem · Solution is in the problem
Exercise (1) "Entrapment is an illusion" game



Human Growth

CHILDHOOD: Innocent · Wonderment · Naive · Seeds · Potential · Vunerable

ADOLESCENCE: Bravery · Sexual energy · Impulses
Exercise (1) We aim to CREATE BEAUTY in whatever way we can upon the Earth, beauty in our actions, beauty in our thoughts, and beauty in the way we dance with spirits, through ceremonies, paryers and giveaways, we enhanced our connection to the web of life. If we walk well with the spirits, we follow a pth of beauty. Beauty can be said to be the thing which holds the universe together.

ADULT: Mature · Stable · Logic · Gathering of wealth and knowledge

ANCESTOR: Wise · Wisdom · Council · Advice · End of journey · Blessings · Protection · Internal strength will get you through · Health and balance
Exercise (1) The focus of an ALTER can be for anything, It can be a place of healing, a place of transition between one part of a life and another, a place of oracle, a place of personal devotion, a plce where you tap into the sacred, a place that helps keep you focused during difficult times.




PHLEGMATIC: Meditative · Slowly but surely · bring the home with you · Patient · Relax and chill · Protection · Defences · Ancient · Longevity · Faithful · Reserved · Prone to stagnation and sloth · Water element


MELONCHOLIC: Bird eye view · Analytical · Wise · Quiet · Element earth

Exercise (1) Learn the bird language (2) Bird Watching (3) Build a bird house or bird feeders (4) Collect feathers on trails


SANGUINE: Optimistic · Active and social · Tends to follow rather than lead · Self composed · Cordial and peaceble


CHOLERIC: Nocturnal · Camoflauge · Hunting · Night vision · Short tempered · Fast irritable · Independent · Tend to lead rather than follow · Decisive · Impetuous

Exercise (1) Camoflauge design (2) Hiding exercise with dirt and leaves



Cardinal Virtues

FORTITUDE: Courage · Forbearance · Strength · Endurance · Bravery · Valor
JUSTICE: Fairness · Righteousness
PRUDENCE: Wisdom · Knowledge · Insight · Snake: Transformation · The ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason · Roman goddess of Justice: Justitia hold a mirror and snake · Clear ideas · Information is revealed· Caution to take risk · Neg: Coward and over cautionness · Validations of the self
TEMPERANCE: Restraint · Practice of self control · Abstention · Discretion · Moderation



ADVENTURE: Announcement · Proclaim · A calling
ORDEAL: Hurdle · Challenges · Test · Temptation · Training · Process is accelerated
Reborn · Pheonix · Memento mori · Ourosboros
Knowledge · Secret · Insight · Bottled up · Concentrated tinctures (healing)

The Four Chinese Symbols

This set was originally appeared in the first edition cards.

四象:East: Azure dragon 青龍 South: Vermillion bird 朱雀 West: White tiger 白虎 North: Black turtle 玄武



NEROS - New Earth Resiliency Oracle Symbols (Proposal)

In our over-connected world of social media, internet and constant digital connection, people have become super disconnected with the physical world we live in. This disconnect reflects a separation from human, nature and interpersonal connection, thus engaging less with the external world and resulting in a mundane daily commute.

Who are we and where we are going?

These universal questions can be answered through visions and signs. To reoriented oneself when you are lost you need a compass. I have devised a series of symbols based on the four directions; in a sense a life compass. This series of symbols is divided into of 7 categories: temperament and dispositions, celestial bodies, nature, weather phenomena, cardinal virtues, monomyth, and natural disaster. Using these symbols you are connecting with your higher self and thus the people, nature and life around us. We have the insight to transform and connect. We can bring back the sacredness of life through signs and symbols and decoding their meanings to enrich our live.

This proposal is a series of 26 symbols. 26 symbols translates into the 26 alphabet forms and thus into the 26 panels on the subway station.

Since we have 26 panels that relate to 26 characters of the alphabet, I have developed a simple, fun, easy system that passengers and passerby can interact and play with. Commuters can use their wait time by interacting with (or simply ignoring) the physical station to engage a simple viewing and thinking activity. By selecting a random word from a newspaper or phone and arranging the "alphabets" and linking the symbols together. No special equipment is needed. Just a curious mind and an open heart.



NEROC patolliPlay a game of Patolli based on the four directions. This is the instruction.

Rules for Patolli

1. Patolli is played on a cross-shaped board of sixty squares. Eight of those squares are reduced in size by wedge-shaped markings between them. Eight more at the ends of the cross are rounded.

2. When two play, each player has six pieces. When three play, there are five pieces each, and when four play, each has four pieces. The pieces for each player are distinguished by colour. The players begin the game with pieces in hand, the board being empty.

3. Five beans control the movement of the pieces. They are marked on one side and blank on the other. Coins or casting sticks can be used as substitutes. The score of the beans when thrown is one point per marked side showing, or ten points if all five marked sides are shown. When no marked sides show, there is no score.

4. Each player puts an agreed stake into the pot. A penalty amount is also agreed at this stage, played from one player to another upon certain pitfalls throughout the game.

5. The beans are thrown by each player at the start of the game. The player with the highest throw begins, throwing the beans again as in rule 6.

6. The player whose turn it is throws the beans. If there is no score, the turn is over.

7. On his first turn the player enters a new piece onto the board from the central square closest to him, moving around the track by the number of spaces according to his score. He decides the direction of movement for his own pieces, clockwise or anti-clockwise; he will maintain this direction throughout the game, but each player makes his own choice. Pieces may therefore run in the same or opposite directions during the game.

8. Once a player has one piece on the board, others may be entered only on a throw of 1. A throw of 1 does not necessitate the entry of a new piece, however; the player may opt to move a piece already on the board instead.

9. When a player has more than one piece in play, the player may choose to move any one piece in accordance with the throw.

10. A piece may not land on an occupied square. If it would do so, then it cannot be moved and another piece must be moved instead. It is possible that no piece can be moved by a particular throw.

11. If the player can move, then he must move, even if all available moves are detrimental.

12. If the player cannot move, then he must pay a penalty into the pool.

13. A player landing in one of the reduced squares beside the wedge markings must pay a penalty of double the agreed amount to his opponent(s).

14. A player landing in one of the rounded squares at the end of the cross receives another turn.

15. After having made a complete circuit of the board, a piece is borne off on reaching the last square (i.e. the one before the player's starting square) by an exact throw. On bearing off a piece, the player receives a penalty his opponents.

16. The player who has borne off the last of his pieces wins the game and the contents of the pot.

The personal tribute you should keep, for the community tribute do consider to donate it to a good cause or social movement.


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