New Earth - Resiliency Training Module (Skill)

New Earth is finding the extraordinary within the ordinary
New Earth is good for figuring out life
New Earth: Art is something humans do on purpose
New Earth objects, tools and games serve a pedagogical function helping us to be conscious
New Earth: Thought itself is a form of energy, thought influences energy and energy influences thought
New Earth is learning from history in order to move forward into the future

New Earth Resiliency Training Module is a program that teaches an ethos of self reliance and of living closer to the earth, especially within an urban environment. Drawing upon its surrounding resources, it treats the city as a catalyst for building relations with various neighborhoods and communities. The program strengthens the resiliency of the neighborhood by activating young people and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and an adaptive world view. It also empowers youth by treating them as authorities of their own environment. Studying folk craft and tracing the genesis of ideas, objects and beliefs is an effort to re-wilding ourselves.

"Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Projects commissioned by:

CASITA PRESENTS: NYCHA ARTIST RESIDENCY WITH TATTFOO TAN AT CLAREMONT VILLAGE from casitamariabx on Vimeo. with Yaniris Brioso, Victor Corporan, Marielly Espinal,Cassidy Guzmen, Rokiatou Kaba, Steven Martinez, Shawn Mazyck, Dylan Ortiz, Nourdine Sankara, Katarina Tejeda, Rangely Valerio. Video by Argenis Apolinario

Knife skills, Cooking and Sauerkraut making

Master basic knife skills including various chopping, sharpening technics and safety rules. This exercise encourage a more healthy eating habits and empower youth to take control of their health. Understanding culture in fermented food and it's history.



Mashed potato and entomophagy
Understanding spices in cooking with a basic starch, ie: mashed potato by adding various spices. yellow=tumeric, red=cayanne, deep red=paprika, green=dill, white=onion powder, brown=cumin. By providing the all time favorite, bacon in comparison with a cricket that might be another future protein substitute.


"What lies behind you and what lies
in front of you, pales in comparison
to what lies within of you"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dehydrated Kale Chips

kale chip

Solar Ovensolar oven


Sewing and Beewaxing Sandwich Bag

Sewing is a form of meditation and can calm the mind. It is also a forgotten skill that is needed especially among our youth. We wanted to cultivete a frugal culture and not a thrown away one. We wanted to purchase goods that function well, repairable and hand them down the generation. We need to appreciates craftmanship. It start with this simple sandwich bag which is coated with mineral oil and beewax. It is great to store sandwich and cheeses and can replace ziplock bag and cling wrap.

Our ancient ancestors sought to explain the relations governing the social order, the workings of the cosmos, and the mysteries surrounding birth and rebirth. The eye of the needle, for example, was understood as the entrance to heaven while the thread was the Spirit that sought to return to its Source. Creation is a kind of sewing in this version of the story as God wields his solar, pneumatic needle. Man is conceived as a jointed creature similar to a marionette or puppet but held together by an invisible thread-spirit. When this thread is cut, a man dies, comes “unstrung,” and his bones separate at the joints.


Knot tying and Carabiner

Knot enthusiasts like to say that civilization is held together by knots, but if you take a look around, you may begin to see the truth behind the quip. You could start by scrutinizing your shoes. They’re tied, undoubtedly, with the first knot that you ever learned, the famous shoelace knot, or bowknot, or as some knot experts prefer to call it, the double-slipped reef knot: a knot that combines a simple half-hitch with those two bunny-eared loops to create an ingenious little mechanism, taut enough to keep your feet snugly sheathed but with a built-in quick-release that can free them in an instant, with a single tug on a string. Glance in the mirror and you may find more knots: the one in your necktie, perhaps, or the one made by the elastic band that is wound around to hold your hair in place. Your hair itself might be plaited into a braid: another knot. Knotting/shoelacing site.





Fire Fuel


Flint and Fire Steel


Fire Starting with Steel Wool and 9v Battery



Starting Fire with Your Knife and Stone




New Earth Resiliency Training Module (NERTM) is a series of tours, workshops and sessions organized by artist Tattfoo Tan that highlight climate change, preparedness and resiliency by training self-reliance and the ethos of living closer to the earth within an urban environment. The project explores these and related topics in the context of Freshkills Park and Staten Island communities. 

These programs are made possible by an Original Work Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the New York State Council on the Arts.

“Horo” Bike Ride
Sunday, August 2, 11am-4pm, (Freshkills Park Discovery Day)
Location: 350 Wild Avenue (or meet at Staten Island Ferry, St. George)

Tattfoo Tan will lead a group ride around the East Park loop dressed in “horo,” a resilient cloak worn by warriors on horseback in feudal Japan. The silk “horo” (which translates to arrow catcher) is shaped like a parachute and once worn while bicycling will inflate, transforming into a mobile and social sculpture. This trip emphasizes urban cycling safety and suggests different forms for protective gear.

Pemmican and Comfrey Salve Demo
Sunday, August 30, 11am, (Freshkills Park BioBlitz!)
Location: meet at Staten Island Ferry, St. George (at NEST sculpture near the Taxi Stand)

Learn how to make natural and traditional supplies from your garden with artist Tattfoo Tan as part of BioBlitz! at Freshkills Park. In partnership with Macaulay Honors College, nature lovers and citizen scientists will canvas 400 acres of Freshkills Park to count all of the birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, and plants that call this park home. Find your wild neighbors with us, survey NYC flora and fauna and learn about Pemmican (a traditional power bar of the native and voyagers), Comfrey Salve (a natural antibacterial salve), and more! Ages 12+.  


Bug out Bag Demo
Sunday, October 4, 12-5pm, (Freshkills Park Greenway Opening)
Location: New Springville Greenway: Richmond Avenue and Dock Street/Richmond Hill Road

Learn about the different sizes of available backpacks, what they are used for, what necessary supplies to put in them, and then start to train by walking with the weight. We will be celebrating the opening of the 3.2-mile New Springville Greenway, a bike and pedestrian path along Richmond Avenue and the eastern edge of Freshkills Park.

A Smock might be the perfect bug out bag, just use all those pockets for all your essentials and hang the jacket next to your door for a quick exit.

Resiliency Library
Saturday, October 10, 11am-1pm, (Freshkills Park Volunteer Cleanup)
Location: Schmul Playground, Wild Ave. and Melvin Ave.

Dandelions, Knotweed, and Mugwort are invading Schmul Park! Learn how to identify the native and invasive plants in Schmul Park while helping to beautify the landscape. Volunteers will each receive their own special edition field notebook as part of the ongoing series of UnCommon Pages workshops. Artist Susan Mills made the paper from Freshkills Park Phragmites and for this October workshop for volunteers, artist Tattfoo Tan will bind books with an enclosed reading list of online resources and books on various survival skills, as well as plenty of pages for field notes. 


Friday, February 10, 11am
Location: Freshkills Park, Staten Island, New York


Adirondack basketey with Linda Allen Scherz

Black Walnut Dyeing to make a Shemagh


Pouch Steam Dyeing

natural dyeing
natural dyeing


Dyeing with Osage Orange Heartwood


Raspberry Vinegar





Reishi Tincture


Beebalm Tincture


Fire Cider



Lemon Balm Electuary


Adaptogen Nuggets

Base: tahini paste, almond butter
Taste: coconut flakes, sesame, cinnamon, honey, dates
Active ingredients: bee pollen, astragulas power, ashwagandha powder, spirulina, cacao


Raspberry Jam


Pine Needles Tea


Dandelion Oil


Horse Chestnut Soap


Felt Sock


Leather Tinder Pouch


Tyvek drawstring bag


Bone container for sewing kit


Dogbane Cordage


Recurve Bow Stringer


Minimalistic Leather Wallet


Archery Arm Guard Recycled from Clarks Desert Boots


Archery Bow Leather Grip


Quilted sleeping bag


Job's Tears Mala Beads

Zipper Pull Modification



Winter Wool Gloves System


Knife Sharpening


De-rust metal with Molasses


Sling Shot and Cartography


Primitive Backpack



Analog Watch as Compass


Pine Pitch


Harvesting Beer Bottles for flint Knapping



Tarp Tents


Wool Blanket Roll


Bone Tools


Rituals - Gourds Rattles

Rituals - Talking stick

Rituals - Spirit Animals Carving on Coconut Shells



Blacksmithing: The forge fire is the Fire of Creation. The bellows are the Breath of Life. The anvil is the Solid Earth, and the quench tank is the Eternal Sea. Using a hammer as one's wand and the altar of an anvil, the blacksmith becomes a master of the elements. He uses metal from the earth as his raw material, heats it in fire that is fueled by the wind, and quenches it in water after he has poured his spirit into the object. The ringing of the anvil is his sacred shamanic drum. Sweat, and sometimes flesh and blood if the fires demand it, are his sacrifices. Symbolically the smith was not a worker of physical metals, he or she was a spiritual teacher, a shaman able to help people along the spiritual path. 





Wilderness Camp, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Jan 21 - June 4, 2017