New Earth - Resiliency Training Module (Spirit)

New Earth is finding the extraordinary within the ordinary
New Earth is good for figuring out life
New Earth: Art is something humans do on purpose
New Earth: objects, tools and games serve a pedagogical function helping us to be conscious
New Earth: Thought itself is a form of energy, thought influences energy and energy influences thought
New Earth: is learning from history in order to move forward into the future

(NEPSK) New Earth Resiliency Training Module is a combination of life skills and spiritual skills. It teaches an ethos of self-reliance and of living closer to the earth with an animus world view. Drawing upon our surrounding resources, it treats the city as a catalyst for building relations with various neighborhoods and communities. This earth based education syllabus strengthens the resiliency of the neighborhood by activating young people and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and a sense of self. Studying folk craft and tracing the genesis of ideas, objects and beliefs in an effort to re-wilding ourselves. One of the key component is “Rite of Passage” - the ceremonially recognized passing of an individual from one state to another. Whether transitioning from childhood through puberty to adolescence, from young adulthood to middle age, from late middle age to elderhood, and from elderhood to death or any kind of life change or transition to be marked.  In so doing the individual’s societal role is changed and transformed. This change is often reflected in a shift in their title. They step into a new role with new privileges and responsibilities recognized and celebrated by their community. The lack of this type of recognition by elders often forces urban youth to initiate themselves into joining gangs, with negative consequences.

If the fires that innately burn inside youths are not intentionally and lovingly added to the hearth of community,
they will burn down the structures of culture, just to feel the warmth.
(Meade, 1993)

In Western culture we commonly refer to the ability to vote or get a driver’s license as rites of passage. While these may invoke the spirit of a rite of passage they lack the enduring transformational impact of a fully integrated experience. Most commonly (but not necessarily), rites of passage are rooted in the natural world, to firmly ground the initiate in a deep sense of PLACE, and to connect their sense of self to a much larger context. Creating a pancultural ritual is crucial because modern society is a melting pot of races and linage.  


Why do we need rituals?
· Ritual is stopping time, capturing a moment and make the ordinary; extraordinary.
· Ritual help the person to cultivate meaning from the ordinary.
· Ritual should be a reflection, a moment of awareness and present with intentions.
· All new rituals we design should be spiritual and can be performaced by anyone with ready, easily available objects and materials.
· We are creating culture by having a group of people sharing the experience together.

Our Ancestor have been around for about 6 million years. Modern human only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization is about 6,000 years old. Industrialization started in 1800 and this is where it goes down hill. We just need to step back 200 years.


"When a man finds no peace within himself,
it is useless to seek it elsewhere."

- Rouchefolicauld


Anthropocene |ˈanθrəpəˌsēn|
the current geological age, viewed as having begun about 200 years ago with the significant impact of human activity on the ecosphere.

Contemporary ecological and societal crises present unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Driven by increases in human population and per capita consumption of resources, and shaped by the consequent contamination and degradation of the natural and built environments, our current path is clearly unsustainable. We have the opportunity to move away from the gloomy historical nihilism that characterizes the reign of our patriarchal and dominator culture.

An integrative approach is required if we are to create new options for a sustainable future. The environmental challenges of the 21st century require individuals who understand environmental, scientific and spiritual complexities and can implement a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental problem-solving at personal, local, regional and global scales.

Photo by Evey Kwong

Logo rational:

☷ ☰
These six simple lines that came from the I'ching symbol. It is ultra modern yet ancient. The solid line represents yang, the creative principle. The open line represents yin, the receptive principle. Kūn (The Receptive, Earth) above, Qián (The Creative, Heaven) below. Heaven and earth unite=peace. It is the eleventh hexagram named 泰 (tài), "Pervading" and other variations include "peace" and "greatness".


"The planet does not need more successful
people. The planet desperately needs
more peacemakers, healers, restorers,
storytellers and lovers of all kinds"

Dalai Lama


Artist as neophyte shaman rational:

Beuys believed that humanity, with its turn on rationality, was trying to eliminate “emotions” and thus eliminate a major source of energy and creativity in every individual. In his first lecture tour in America he was telling the audience that humanity was in an evolving state and that as “spiritual” beings we ought to draw on both our emotions and our thinking as they represent the total energy and creativity for every individual. Beuys described how we must seek out and energize our spirituality and link it to our thinking powers so that “our vision of the world must be extended to encompass all the invisible energies with which we have lost contact.”

Beuys observed at the time that “his personal crisis” caused him to question everything in life. He saw death not only in the inevitability of death for people but also death in the environment and he became, through his art and his political activism, a strong critic of the environmental destruction.

Continuing Bueys work, I’m acting as mediator between Gaia and it’s stewards, I’m gearing up 2013 and lead New Earth project with a new uniform (ceremonial regalia) to navigate Spaceship Earth for a more compassionate, empathy and gnosis crew that will lead with action and conscience in building A New Earth.

We have entered a period of great change, a synchronized, related crash of the economy and the ecology with food shortages, climate catastrophes, massive economic change and global geopolitical instability. The great disruption will ultimately take human society to a higher evolutionary state. One that is not biological but consciousness - a neo archaic rivival.

This disruption is inevitable and imminent and despair is a stage we have to go through. In fact it is a positive sign of denial is coming to an end. We all need to arrive at, individually and collectively and one that we must move through. Hope is waiting above the periscope when view with different level of personal spiritual alignment.

"The shaman role is to become a bridge for the power of creation and for the Creator. A bridge that healed the Earth and all the things of the Earth, making life truly rich, free from sins of the flesh. It is to leave our children a legacy of love and purity, rather than a world of hatred and greed. The quest of the shaman is to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level all things of the earth and sky. We are part of a whole, a collective consciousness that encompasses all things. If one part of the whole is sick, we ourselves are sick and cannot be whole until all is whole." - Excerpt from Awakening Spirits, Tom Brown, Jr.

The Rainbow prophecy, as it has come to be known, refers to the keepers of the legends, rituals, and other myths that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health on Earth. It is believed that these legendary beings will return on a day of awakening, when all people will unite and create a new world of justice, peace and freedom, and they will be named the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’. They will reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony and love is the only way forward.
The rainbow reference relates to the different colours of the original people


This project and it's training are made possible by the support of:

Herbalism Certification, Green Medicine Course at Open Center, New York
Foundation Workshop, The Way of the Shaman, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, New York
Standard Course, Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School, New Jersey
Reiki Foundation 1, Open Center, New York
Blacksmithing, Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"No problem can be solved from the
same level of consciousness that created it"


- Albert Einstein



"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"


- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Lectio Divina (divine reading)

Herbalism and Shamanism: I learn how to identify and use herbs as a healing modality. These plants that we label as weeds are precious and it's heals the land and the man. I started looking at health as a holistic view both physical and spiritual. Shamanism open up a new world view of energy and spirits that connect us all for one source and anyone can tap into the resources and access it's wisdom.



Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land

Newhouse Contemporary Art, Staten Island
March 2 - Dec 29, 2019, Tue-Fri 12-7, Sat-Sun 11-5

Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land explores how spirituality manifests itself out of the connections between internal experience and the material world. How can we connect with nature in a society that continues to give primacy to disposability and mass-consumption? How do we move away from a mindset of scarcity to one of collaboration? How can we be transformed from the egocentric “i” to the love supreme “I AM”?

In this work, artist Tattfoo Tan uses participatory prompts, games and affirmations to engage in the play of the universe.

Let the process begin. 


This exhibition is made possible, in part, by public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs,
the New York State Council on the Arts, and with private funding from the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation.

Heal the Man in order to Heal the Land is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support
of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.




(March 16, 2019, 11am)
Chakra Healing with Mantra
lead by Eros Romero

PURPOSE: Healing the Chakra via Sound

PROCESS: Each of the chakra had a seed mantra and at each chakra, depends on how many petals that chakra had, each petal also had a mantra. In total there are 50 mantras and each one also correspondence to a specific body part. This is also known as The Garlands of Letters (varna-mala).

(April 19, 8pm till April 20, 12 noon) Silent Meditation sleep over with Thupten Phuntsok in collaboration with The Jacques Marchais Museum
of Tibetan Art

PURPOSE: Outer and Inner Silent

PROCESS: A silent meditation sleep over. It will start on Friday night at 8 pm, participants as encourage to have dinner before attending. There will be a dharma talk and meditation instruction. Participants will bring their own sleeping bag and sleep in one of the gallery. Breakfast will be served and continue meditation. The session will end at 11 am.

(May 18, 2019, 11am)
Forgotten Half: Feminine as a part of the Whole with Aki Baker

In the world where Masculine force dominates our day to day life, we are seeing the destruction from the unbalanced expression on humanity. Many teachers have been talking about the time of transition - from the Masculine to the Feminine, which is evident in the rise of feminine qualities seen in many facets.

This talk will explore and meditate on how this relates to our lives, and this ultimately is one of the most critical ways for us to live harmoniously on this planet.

(June 8, 2019, 11am)
Connecting to Dreams with Healing Plants lead by Liz Neves of Gathering Ground

Whether you have a dreaming practice or don’t ever remember your dreams…

Let us gather in circle to share our experiences in the Dreamtime – a vital part of life with great potential for healing that often goes unnoticed, untapped, or misunderstood.

It’s time to wake up to the medicine of your dreams and follow the threads of meaning and magic they hold.

Join us for a couple of hours of fun, experiential learning and deepening of psyche awareness, where we’ll:

• Touch on techniques and sample herbs that improve dream recall and stimulate lucid dreaming

• Create dream sachets to support our practice

• Share our dreams and unpack them with group exercises

• Journey to elements of our dreams that draw us in or offer healing messages

Please bring a journal, a small crystal or stone, and a dream to share!

*Dreams can include: what we remember from our sleeping dreams, daydreams, strong hunches or feelings that lead to serendipitous occurrences, or visions/feelings/sounds from journeys or guided meditations.



(July 20, 2019, 11am)
Group Breathwork Session with Ambrose Gage

PURPOSE: Rebirthing breathwork uses a consciously connected breathing technique to release tension and stored emotions in the body, which makes space for new thoughts, actions, and possibilities in your life. clearing the emotional past brings you into the present, into the body, restores innocence, and increases vitality..

PROCESS: The beathwork process is a powerful and gentle method of bringing in more life and releasing constrained and withheld energy in the body -- allowing yourself to experience your expansiveness profoundly. An efficient way to see long-term progress and growth is to do a series of at least five consistent sessions with one experienced practitioner.

(August 17, 2019, 11am)
Adults Soul Painting Ceremony with Bianca Dominguez

PURPOSE: Soul Paintings mirror the True Essence within each individual. Each soul has layers upon layers that rest within, mirroring multiple timelines of existence, and reflecting past lives. During the ceremony the karmic cords and the shadows of the self, are illuminated to be acknowledged and healed through the power of breathe, meditation, and creative expression.

PROCESS: We will begin in a circle sitting down in lotus position. Palo Santo will be passed around to cleanse and bless our bodies. In the center of the circle will an altar which will enable us to hold space for one another, and as we journey within. I will be facilitating the ceremony from the center. We will begin with a guided meditation focusing on our breathe and dropping within our bodies. I will open the space with a prayer of guidance, protection and love calling upon the ancestors, light beings, spirit guides, angels, spirit animals and the Great Spirit. We will rest in meditation for 10-15 minutes, at which point they begin the soul paintings on themselves. A mirror will be placed in front of each person. They will do only half of their face. After they complete half of their face they will get with a partner. First they will meditate with their backs supporting one another focusing on the breathe. The purpose is to tune into the interconnected energy that resides within them both. Being mindful of their internal space as well as their partner’s internal space. After 5 min they will turn to face one another and soul gaze. After 5 min partner A will complete the other half of partner B’s face. After partner B’s face is complete they will do the same for partner A. To close the space a guided meditation will begin and a closing gratitude prayer.

(September 21, 2019, 11am) NERTM Syllabus Book Launch

PURPOSE: The completion of the 2nd part of the New Earth series.

PROCESS: The launch consist of a talk and discussion about the content of the book with co writer Sara Angel Guerrero.

(Oct 19, 2019, 11am)
Cosmic Walk with Eros Romero

PURPOSE: Healing the earth with the cosmic blue print

PROCESS: A bare footwalk in the garden, a sitting meditation where you anchor to the earth and the reach out to the universe and be a conduit of healing data to bless the earth.


NEPSK-Mobile Altar
A great project to work with children. Place things that are meaningful to them in a small box to remind them of the quality of those items.


NEPSK-Gratitude Jar
When you are at your happy moment, remember that you are humble and grateful for the people or situation you are grace with. Write them down and place them inside a jar. Review them end of the year or when you are feeling down or defeated.


NEPSK-Spiritual First Aid Kit
Write down a series of inspirational quotes or words with high vibrations on index card or with an old school roledex.


NEPSK-I'm Not This

Who are you? Are you the body, are you the mind?
discard all labels and set yourself free.

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.



NEPSK-WIndow to the World
Meditation cleans up the gunk of your true self. Our decisions are always influenced by our emotions, feelings and past experiences. These are not truly ours, but only an illusion. We mistakenly identify with these gunks.


NEPSK- Fulfulling or Foolfilling
Everyone want an amazing life, a colorful life, sometimes these experience make us unaware of the true nature of life,
the true purpose of life. The true color of light is white, these filters make it colorful. See the light as it is.




We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
It is the empty space within the vessel that make it useful.

- Tao Teh Ching, Chapter 11.

We are all made for different purpose, different form and shape yet all of the space within is the same. That space is not empty but connected. We might have individual thinking and preferences, yet our action effect each other. Collectively we are a single consciousness.



NEPSK-Ceremonial Altar

Profane space differs from sacred space in that it has no fixed point or enter from which to gain orientation. Profane space has no axis mundi, no cosmic tree or pillar leading to the heavens. This is the experience of modernity: people unable to locate a center.

An alter is a focal point to concentrate and also to remind yourself who you are, what is your moral compass, what is
your higher goal in life. Making an altar and having a mindful practice of prayer, ritual and gratitude can heal your life
beyond anything you can imagine. It brings peace with focus through the heart. This ancient practice of prayer and altar work anchors your prayers from earth to heaven and heaven to earth in a tapestry of woven intentions that are your heart song.


NEPSK-Sacred Wood and Stone

The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you,
not in mansions made of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood,
and I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me.

-Jesus Christ, The Gospel of St. Thomas

NEPSK-Body Catalepsy
Your brain control your body 

NEPSK-Spiritual Bumper Sticker


NEPSK-15 Sliding Puzzle
Abide in Awereness with no illusion of person.
You will be instantly free and at peace.

You have no caste or duties.
You are invisible, unattached, formless.
You are the Witness of all things. Be happy.

Right and wrong, pleasure and pain, exist in mind only.
They are not your concern.
You neither do nor enjoy.
You are free.

You are the Solitary Witness of All That Is, forever free.
Your only bondage is not seeing This.

The thought: “I am the doer” is the bite of a poisonous snake.
To know: “I do nothing” is the wisdom of faith. Be happy.

A single understanding: “I am the One Awareness,”
consumes all suffering in the fire of an instant. Be happy.

-Ashtavakra Gita

Words of Affirmation and Prayers

Words form thoughts and idea and they evoke emotion and feeling and action are taken.



The Path of Hermit, Nobody, Labor & Apocalypse: Self Reflection




The Path of Nature: ShinrinYoku


No Longer Empty's (EMERGE)NCY ART ZONE: A Community Art & Data Lab at Kings County Hospital

Workshop on designing your own oracle cards and a seven directions opening blessing at the alter.


Meditation on the World Card (LE•MONDE)

Meditate upon The World card and rate the below from 1 to 10:
⭕ My personal existence is very purposeful and meaningful.
⭕ I believe that no matter where I am or what I'm doing,
    I am never separate from others.
⭕ I feel a real sense of kinship with all living things.
⭕ My sense of inner peace is one of the most important things to me.
⭕ I take the time each day to be peaceful and quiet, to empty my mind
    of everyday thoughts.
⭕ I believe that intuition comes from a higher part of myself and
    I never ignore it.
⭕ I feel a sense of responsibility and belonging to the universe.
⭕ My sense of identity is based on something that unites me
    with all other people.
⭕ I am aware of a connection between myself and all living things.
⭕ I see myself as being extended into everything else.


I'm glad to invite you to the course Love Your Self. My name is Eros Romero and I've been teaching this course for more than 20 years. This class originally from Mexico was dictated telepathically with the intention that trough a series of exercises easy to perform and some information, anybody will be able to deeply know them selves and therefore will be able to transcend his or her limitations, to be confronted with the reality of one's authentic Self resulting in accessing freedom, love and empowerment to lead the life you were destined to live, in fulfillment and performing your part in the Divine plan.  May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27, July 4, July 11, July 18, July 25, 2017



Learn to Read Tarot de Marseille with Ambrose Sappho (5 sessions on the new moon)

We make magic by manipulating symbols and telling our stories. Our lives are a constant interchange between our inner and outer worlds. As humans, we are programmed to perceive ourselves reflected in everything. And we act according to those beliefs. Every single decision that we make shapes the world into being.

Thus, if we had deep self-knowledge, we could unlock every individual’s ability to change the world as we see it. If we all could be who we were really meant to be, we believe the world would be infinitely more interesting.

By connecting to yourself, you build deeper empathy with the world. The stories the cards tell are common to all of us; we are all traveling the Fool’s Journey. The world is full of platforms that connect us technologically without teaching us how to form meaningful and authentic relationships. If we learn the story that is told within, we can start to find the commonalities between our stories and others. This is how we build bridges, how we learn to empathize with the other.

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New Cycle Ceremony We begin with a meditation to ground, relax, connect and align. Then we continue onto the meditatation that will help us release what we no longer wish to carry in order to avoid repeating situations or lessons. We will write our letter of letting go, to burn and transform (You may begin to write a draft so you don't forget anything) Gift Giving Begins -Letter of what your desires for the year and by its end. You will write an (ok) next to what is fullfilled. I will take you through a meditation to retrieve vision from what your Being wants you to know for this cycle, as a gift, so everything is clear. Another gift will be an aditional message from your angels to give you strength and clarity to walk through this year according to what your being needs. *It will be a magic evening, filled with harmony and enlightment as you receive various messages and gifts from the meditations and surprises that arrive. You should bring a candle, violet paper (things to release) and yellow pape r(things to received) for the letters and something to share since it is also a celebration, something sweet, salty or to drink and a flower if possible. The ceremony is aprox 3 hrs.



Silence Meditation Walk with Thupten Phuntsok and The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
Saturday, October 17, 2015, 11am (Open House New York)
Location: Freshkills Park

Join us on this meditative nature walk through Freshkills Park North Park with Venerable Thupten Phuntsok and artist Tattfoo Tan. Meditation is the practice of calming one's mind and focusing on one point. In a walking meditation, the walk is the focus. This walk suggests closer connections with our land within a greater urban environment. Venerable Phuntsok has taught meditation and other subjects and led retreats at a number of locations over the past 12 years.

Water Bowl Meditation Walk with Thupten Phuntsok and The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
Saturday, November 12, 2016, 11am
Location: Freshkills Park


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