S.O.S. Steward


#sosSteward I enrolled myself in various green courses and acquiring certification for my green knowledge, in order to flaunt my new found title in the form of a merit patch on my gray coverall and wear it during events and gardening session. I'm intrigue by the certification of knowledge and the power that was bestow by the agency that gave the certificate. Partly propelled by the thirst of knowledge and partly to sustain the endurance of going to classes and community service requirements of these courses.

"Humanity is going to require a
substantially new way of thinking
if it is to survive."

- Albert Einstein


"Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself "

- leo Tolstoy



#sosSteward uniform circa 2009



This patch is placed on the back of my coverall and is the umbrella name of the project.



S.O.S Steward Action Figure, 3D digital printing. 3.5" x 1.4" x.14", edition of 10



Master Composter

The Master Composter Certificate Course aims to train an enthusiast to be a compost expert and spread the compost know-how and making a meaningful impact in the community! This train-the-trainer course is designed to promote the practice of home composting and the reduction of our city’s solid waste. This course consist of 21 hours of classroom training (including two field trips), and 30 hours of volunteer outreach service in compost education and promotion. The course is free.

Staten Island Compost Project, funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, provides education and outreach for anyone interested in composting, an esssential horticultural and waste management practice that benefits our community and the environment.

Patch design rational: I redesign the "Caduceus" symbol of divine providence and the embryo of life from a serpent to a red worm and place the icon of the earth at the background to show that composting save the earth.



Citizen pruner

With Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to plant a million trees in 10 years, many of them on streets, the need for volunteer pruners and tree care is growing. I decide to becomes a certified citizen pruner after completing a 12-hour course, taught by Trees New York, a nonprofit group, on topics like tree identification and sawing technique, treat minor injuries, mostly cracked branches, that could lead to more serious maladies. Now I can walk down a street and identify some of the tree growing there and know what is a good tree pit should be.

Trees New York’s Citizen Pruner Tree Care Course trains New Yorkers in tree care and pruning. The course consists of eight hours of classroom training and four hours of hands-on experience in the field. The comprehensive curriculum covers street tree basics, street tree identification and street tree care. The two-hour long classes meet once a week for four consecutive weeks, and for four hours of field training on a Saturday. Classes are held in the spring and fall of each year. The course fee is $100 and includes a comprehensive manual and other materials. Since the Citizen Tree Pruner Course is offered throughout the city, it attracts people from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning styles. Each class is tailored to those participating. As a result, although a standard curriculum is used, each class moves at its own pace.

Following the course, participants take a final exam that certifies them to legally work on trees owned by the City of New York. This includes street trees and most park trees, excluding parks that have their own conservancies such as Central Park and Prospect Park. Certificates are issued by Trees New York and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. In New York City where there is limited money for tree maintenance but significant need, this provides a tremendous benefit to our urban environment.



Urban Permaculture Certificate Course

This course will provide a toolbox of strategies for design on the personal, professional and community level. Students will learn about the fundamental systems that support NYC and gain hands-on experience at a model ecological center in Park Slope,
Brooklyn. The greater NYC community will be examined on the local and global level and our culture’s sustainability will be compared to others around the world. This course embraces both modern technologies and ancient traditions, utilizing the techniques that bring satisfaction to our lives and are economical in the truest sense of the word. Permaculture provides the keys to right livelihood and positive action.

Permaculture is more than just good gardening. It is a lifelong approach to analysis, action and social structures that result in better relationships, more functional systems and a clearer understanding of everything necessary for human communities to thrive.

For information contact:
Claudia Joseph, lead teacher
The Old Stone House: oldstonehouse@verizon.net
(718) 768-3195 P.O. Box 150613 Brooklyn, NY 11215 or visit: www.permaculture-exchange.org

Patch design rational: The four icon is ancient symbols that represent the ever changing four seasons. I also coin the word Artivist, a combination of Artist and Activist. Since my project is an art project with an activism statement, "artivist" seem like the perfect explanation.



Neighborhood Leadership Institute Certificate

2010-2011 Skills-Building Workshops for volunteer-led groups and individuals interested in working on community improvement projects. Basics of Community Organizing: Bring neighbors together to work on issues that matter to you. Group Structure: Build and maintain an effective neighborhood association or community group. Navigating City Government: Learn how government functions, who is responsible for what, and how to have your community issues addressed. Grassroots Fundraising: Support your group’s work with community fundraising efforts.

Patch design rational: A knot is a symbol of strength/unity but also could be view as a problem/hurdle. A knot is a problem waiting to be solve. A knot can be a useful solution or frustration. The outer hexagon shape symbolizes strength, like a bee hive, how the bees work together for a common goal.


Mobile Gardener Certificate

Why wait for others to certified you? Let's be our own specialist. As the founder of Mobile Gardener, I'm awarding this certificate and patch to participants that sucessfully design, build and paraded a Mobile Garden.



S.O.S. 5PM West

This special patch is presented to the Green Stewarsd in The New Children's Museum in San Diego that is taking care of a new flock of hens call S.O.S.5pmWest for the show Feast! The Art of Playing with your Food