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Heal the Man in order to Heal the LandNewhouse Contemporary Art, Staten Island
March 2 - Dec 29, 2019, Tue-Fri 12-7, Sat-Sun 11-5

(March 16, 2019, 11am) Chakra Healing with Mantra lead by Eros Romero

PURPOSE: Healing the Chakra via Sound

PROCESS: Each of the chakra had a seed mantra and at each chakra, depends of how many petals that chakra had, each petal also had a mantra. In total there are 50 mantras and each one also corespondance to a specific body parts. This is also known as The Garlands of Letters (varna-mala).

(April 19, 8pm till April 20, 12 noon) Silent Meditation (sleep over) with Thupten Phuntsok in collaboration with The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

PURPOSE: Outer and Inner Silent

PROCESS: A silent meditation sleep over. It will start on Friday night at 8pm, participants as encourage to have dinner before attending. There will be a dharma talk and meditation instruction. Partipants will bring their own sleeping bag and sleep in one of the gallery. Breakfast will be served and continue meditation. Session will end at 11am.

(May 18, 2019, 11am) Divine Feminine with Erin Sickler

PURPOSE: There has been a ton of talk lately about the Divine Feminine. Even if we feel the affinity to those words, however, we need to first clarify: What is this Divine Feminine? How do we relate to something that has been suppressed and so infrequently discussed or represented? In this talk and discussion, art curator and writer Erin Sickler, will take us on a tour of three figures of the feminine divine--Isis, the High Priestess; Haumea, the Mother Goddess of Hawaii; and Lilith, the spirit of vengeance and the shadow--and how we can harness the lessons of these archetypes for our own individual and collective transformation.

PROCESS: The event will consist of an overview of the stories of Isis, Haumea, and Lilith and how we might use these archetypes for our own physical, emotional, and psychological healing as well as some somatic exercises.

(June 8, 2019, 11am) Connecting With the Medicine of Local Plant Communities with Liz Neves of Gathering Ground

We live in very close proximity to cures or remedies for many of our most common woes, that is, the medicine of our local plant communities. All plants have some kind of medicine that provides benefits to us individually on the physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual level. What’s more, plants hold the power to heal us collectively by mending our relationship with the Earth and each other.

Plants are our kin. They are our ancestors. As a human species we grew up with them as our teachers. We have learned how to nourish and heal ourselves, thanks to knowledge passed down by our human ancestors. But how did they come to this knowledge? They are the ones who knew how to communicate with the plants. Indigenous cultures of the world have not lost this ability, but in the modernized world, many of us have. We can begin to rekindle our connection by letting the messages of the plants enter our hearts.

The plants we most need are here waiting for us to listen. Together we will slow down and feel the pulse of the Earth. We will sit at the place where stem meets Earth meets root. Let use use our most common senses and those we may not even know we have access to. Plants are always leaving impressions on us, whether we are aware or not. We will learn how to intuit this information plants are sending to us. We will leave feeling a deeper connection to the plant realm, to the Earth, and to one another.


(July 20, 2019, 11am) Group Breathwork Session with Ambrose Gage

PURPOSE: Rebirthing breathwork uses a conscious connected breathing technique to release tension and stored emotions in body, which makes space for new thoughts, actions, and possibilities in your life. clearing the emotional past brings you into the present, into the body, restores innocence, and increases vitality.

PROCESS: The beathwork process is a powerful and gentle method of bringing in more life and releasing constrained and withheld energy in the body -- allowing yourself to experience your expansiveness profoundly. An efficient way to see long-term progress and growth is to do a series of at least five consistent sessions with one experienced practitioner.

(August 17, 2019, 11am) Adults Soul Painting Ceremony with Bianca Dominguez

PURPOSE: Soul Paintings mirror the True Essence within each individual. Each soul has layers upon layers that rest within, mirroring multiple timelines of existence, and reflecting past lives. During the ceremony the karmic cords and the shadows of the self, are illuminated to be acknowledged and healed through the power of breathe, meditation, and creative expression.

PROCESS: We will begin in a circle sitting down in lotus position. Palo Santo will be passed around to cleanse and bless our bodies. In the center of the circle will an altar which will enable us to hold space for one another, and as we journey within. I will be facilitating the ceremony from the center. We will begin with a guided meditation focusing on our breathe and dropping within our bodies. I will open the space with a prayer of guidance, protection and love calling upon the ancestors, light beings, spirit guides, angels, spirit animals and the Great Spirit. We will rest in meditation for 10-15 minutes, at which point they begin the soul paintings on themselves. A mirror will be placed in front of each person. They will do only half of their face. After they complete half of their face they will get with a partner. First they will meditate with their backs supporting one another focusing on the breathe. The purpose is to tune into the interconnected energy that resides within them both. Being mindful of their internal space as well as their partner’s internal space. After 5 min they will turn to face one another and soul gaze. After 5 min partner A will complete the other half of partner B’s face. After partner B’s face is complete they will do the same for partner A. To close the space a guided meditation will begin and a closing gratitude prayer.

(September 21, 2019, 11am) NERTM Syllabus Book Launch

PURPOSE: The completion of the 2nd part of the New Earth series.

PROCESS: The launch consist of a talk and discussion about the content of the book with co writer Dr. Sara Angel Guerrero

(Oct 19, 2019, 11am) Cosmic Walk with Eros Romero

PURPOSE: Healing the earth with the cosmic blue print

PROCESS A bare foot walk in the garden, a sitted meditation where you anchor to the earth and the reach out to the univers and be a conduit of healing data to bless the earth.